[Mongrel] Sharing a mongrel cluster in a multi-url environment

Ripta Pasay lists at ruby-forum.com
Wed Jan 28 19:23:34 EST 2009

> 1. Apache as the front end server, running mod_proxy
> 2. A single mongrel cluster (4 mongrels)
> 3. A single instance of my Rails application

My question is, which one of the four mongrels is handling each of the 
request? Can it be that your application isn't thread-safe, and the same 
mongrel instance is getting sent a new request before the previous 
request completes?

> I had each Apache virtual host configuration insert a unique
> client_id header in all requests, like so:
>   RequestHeader set X_CLIENT_ID '7563TY7732UUW9'  # a unique id for
> each domain

Also, just curious: was there a specific reason you added another layer 
to the request routing with the use of X_CLIENT_ID, rather than just use 
the value of "request.host" in Rails? It seems there's a one-to-one 
mapping between virtual hostnames and X_CLIENT_ID.

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