[Mongrel] HTTP parse error due to an extra percent sign

James Tucker jftucker at gmail.com
Wed Jan 7 19:39:58 EST 2009

On 7 Jan 2009, at 21:31, Jonathan Rochkind wrote:

> Yes, the third party sending me this information in a query string  
> was doing it in a way that was illegal and violated standards, but  
> they are more powerful than I, and I can not make them change their  
> behavior, and I need to handle those URLs anyway.

This is a sad day, they won.

Next time, scream from the rooftops, unless you already signed your  
free speech away, that is.

Printing an RFC and highlighting the relevant clauses and handing that  
to a level higher than disgruntled developers is often relatively  
effective too.

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