[Mongrel] how can I disable the rails logging in development?

Robbie Allen lists at ruby-forum.com
Fri Feb 20 06:53:37 EST 2009

I can't seem to disable rails logging when using Mongrel.  Any fix for

Also unanswered on the Rails forum:

Re: how can I disable the SQL logging which occurs in develo
Posted by Greg Hauptmann (Guest) on 29.05.2007 21:22
You're exactly correct Isak!  Thanks.

The logging functionality worked as it should in webrick.  Is seems
screwed up in Mongrel.  I'll swap to using webrick in development (and
try to
find out where/how to let the Mongrel team about this).

Interestingly I noted that with webrick the logging doesn't come out on
the console, but rather I had to open a second iTerm and tail the log
itself.  Perhaps there is a "script/server webrick" setting I could use
to enable logging to console if I went looking.

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