[Mongrel] Linux ps reports mongrel as [ruby18]

Jay Kraly lists at ruby-forum.com
Tue Feb 17 23:32:35 EST 2009

I'm running two sets of mongrels using mongrel 1.1.4, one for production
one for staging.  When executing 'ps' from a linux shell, the production
mongrels report as expected, however the staging processes are listed as
[ruby 18].  The result seems to be that mongrel_rails cannot stop the
staging processes because it doesn't recognize [ruby18] as a mongrel

I've read that this was a problem in older versions of mongrel and
fixable by editing the init.rb file.  The same posts seem to indicate
that it is a problem with the kernel on my linux box.  I can't change
the kernel on this box, so how can I get mongrel_rails to stop the
[ruby18] processes?

The same scripts/version of mongrel were running fine on a different
box.  The sites were just upgraded to new boxes, apparently with new
kernels.  Thanks for any help.
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