[Mongrel] Mongrel and mimetype?

Bjorn Boulder bornboulder77 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 21 14:09:58 EDT 2009

Dear Mongrel People,

lighttpd allows me to assign a mimetype to a file which ends with a
specific suffix.

For example if I have a file named, "helloworld.manifest", and I serve
it using lighttpd,
I can declare its mimetype with the following declaration in lighttpd.conf:

mimetype.assign = (
  ".manifest"   =>  "text/cache-manifest",
  ".css"        =>  "text/css",
  ".gif"        =>  "image/gif",
  ".htm"        =>  "text/html",
  ".html"       =>  "text/html",
  ".jpeg"       =>  "image/jpeg",
  ".jpg"        =>  "image/jpeg",
  ".js"         =>  "text/javascript",
  ".png"        =>  "image/png",
  ".swf"        =>  "application/x-shockwave-flash",
  ".txt"        =>  "text/plain"

With Mongrel, how do I declare the mimetype of "helloworld.manifest" ?


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