[Mongrel] mongrel_service on Win2003

Darren Syzling dsyzling at gmail.com
Sun Aug 2 16:11:09 EDT 2009

Luis Lavena wrote:
> I believe it was.
> Can you check and supply the output of servicefb.log?
I'm not sure 0.3.4 which I'm running logs messages to this log, the 
thread quoted claimed you had to drop back to 0.3.3? When I experience 
this issue I don't get any log written at all.
> Apologize for the detail but work has been hectic lately.
No problem, in the meantime I pulled the code myself and simply set the 
default RunCode to be RunAsService if it couldn't detect the run 
context, as opposed to RunAsUnknown. This at least cured the problem and 
allowed me to start the service as a non admin account. So specifically 
what I mean is:

--- ServiceFB_Utils.bas    (revision 1037)
+++ ServiceFB_Utils.bas    (working copy)
@@ -112,7 +112,11 @@
                 '# ok, the first paramenter in the commandline didn't work,
                 '# report back so we could send the banner!
-                result = RunAsUnknown
+        '# DS Fix - OpenProcess on a parent to check for services.exe 
name does not work
+        '# when using a non admin account, so here we assume that the 
user wants to run
+        '# as a last ditch attempt to decide the mode we run in.
+                '#result = RunAsUnknown
+        result = RunAsService
             end if
         end if
This was only a local hack to get it up and running on my side. I didn't 
debug too much further but presume OpenProcess on the parent is a 
privileged operation - so the check to see if the parent is 
'services.exe' fails and then it can't detect the runmode. If you want 
me to absolutely confirm this I can.

Let me know how you want to move forward.


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