[Mongrel] [Mongrel-development] Mongrel, cross compilation, Echoe and rake-compiler

Eric Wong normalperson at yhbt.net
Sun Apr 26 21:53:56 EDT 2009

Evan Weaver <evan at cloudbur.st> wrote:
> My plan is as so:
> Gossamer + Rack launch script + some optimizations/bugfixes + Ruby 1.9
> compat = more or less Mongrel 2.0.

Cool.  I'm pretty sure Unicorn and Gossamer are both 1.9-compatible (all
the tests manage to pass), but I don't have any real code running
on 1.9 yet (and nothing in production on 1.8, either, yet).

Let me know if there are any optimizations/bugfixes in particular I can
help with, too.

Eric Wong

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