[Mongrel] Error when install Mongrel as a Windows service

Sophie Su lists at ruby-forum.com
Wed Sep 17 13:07:58 EDT 2008

Thanks very much for that information. I installed mongrel service 
locally. I didn't know it caused the service not work. My employer 
blocked lots of internet sites, so I was not able to install mongrel 
remotely from the office. I took my laptop home and did the remote 
installation from home. Now it works. Thanks again.

Luis Lavena wrote:
> On Tue, Sep 16, 2008 at 6:01 PM, Sophie Su <lists at ruby-forum.com> wrote:
>> I have Ruby and Rails 2.1.1 installed, then I installed mongrel 1.1.5.
>> Now I want to install mongrel as a service. I downloaded and installed
>> mongrel_service-0.3.3-mswin32.gem. After all these, I followed the
>> instructions to install it as service by running the command below, but
>> got an error.
> Did you install mongrel_service using RubyGems locally or remote?
> If you downloaded the gem and installed locally then the win32/service
> dependency will not be fulfilled.
> mongrel_service requires a specific version of that win32-service gem
>>= 0.5.2 and less than 0.6, since that version introduced some
> incompatibilities that require a lot of code change in the plugin.
> --
> Luis Lavena
> AREA 17

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