[Mongrel] scripts/server with mongrel arguments

Cynthia Kiser cnk at caltech.edu
Mon Sep 15 19:33:50 EDT 2008

Quoting joshua at crackcreative.com <joshua at crackcreative.com>:
> Does anyone here know how to pass an argument like: "-S config/ 
> mongrel_upload_progress.conf" to the mongrel that is run using the  
> standard scripts/server command in a Rails app?  I haven't been able  
> to find any documentation on this.

Looking at the rails script that is invoked, it doesn't look like
there is an option like what you want. But the script seems well
enough constructed that you are likely to be able to add that yourself
if you don't mind re-adding that to your rails gem - or to
vendor/rails if you run a personal copy of rails for each server. Have
a look at the options allowed by:


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