[Mongrel] speed curiosity

Roger Pack lists at ruby-forum.com
Sat Sep 6 13:04:56 EDT 2008

Wayne Seguin wrote:
> Using write_nonblock is an absolutely great suggestion; the only real
> issue with write_nonblock is that it doesn't work in all environments.
> While Ruby is supposed to fall back on blocking IO when async is
> unavailable in the underlying system the reality is sketchy at best.

Yeah I guess the best thing'd be to fix IO#write in the core, instead of 
a hack to work around it :)  I have no idea what  #write does but it 
appears that it is suboptimal, at least for this one distro on this one 

Maybe I should just file a ruby bug report that says "IO#write seems 
slow!" :)

Unfortunately it seems that on 1.9 it has the same speed pattern, so no 
help there.

Thanks for your help.


>> approx. the same results, which I did thanks to your suggestion.
>> 70K response: old: 366 req/s new: 1140 req/s (thin: 1160)
>> -=R
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