[Mongrel] Mongrel .pids disappearing?

Steven Hansen runner at berkeley.edu
Wed Sep 3 19:47:20 EDT 2008

I've been experiencing this exact same problem for months.  Still 
haven't figured out what the cause is.

I'm on solaris 10 x86


Christopher Opena wrote:
> Hello everyone, new to the list :)
> Strange problem with Mongrels that we're having in a few cases...the 
> Mongrels start up fine, but as part of a long Capistrano deploy + 
> database we will normally cycle them - normally no issues there.  In 
> those edge cases, we've seen that the mongrel .pids have just up and 
> disappeared while running, so when shutting them down we get the error 
> message that the .pids do not exist.  Normally not a problem, except 
> that when restarting them (and thereby needing to create a new pid), 
> the log comes back with the error message:
> ** Daemonized, any open files are closed.  Look at log/mongrel.4102.pid
>  and log/mongrel.4102.log for info.
>  ** Starting Mongrel listening at <>
>  /usr/lib64/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/
> mongrel-1.0.1/lib/mongrel/tcphack.rb:12:in
>  `initialize_without_backlog': Address already in use - bind(2)
>  (Errno::EADDRINUSE)
> Logging into the server over ssh and executing 'sudo /usr/sbin/lsof 
> -i:4102' reveals that indeed a mongrel process is running without a 
> .pid.  From what I can see there is no log rotation, cron job, or 
> similar activity on the box that would be deleting the pids.  In fact, 
> some of the 6 .pids are there while others are not.  The pattern also 
> changes with regard to which ones are missing, which is mildly 
> aggravating.
> Box is CentOS 5.1 if that helps.  I also noted that someone was having 
> this issue before and was cured by running the MySQL gem after seeing 
> MySQL connections going stale / dying on their server, but we're 
> already running the MySQL gem and are not seeing those errors in the 
> Mongrel log.
> In fact, looking at the last successful start just before the error 
> shown above, there are no other errors.  In other words, Mongrel 
> starts up daemonized without an issue or any errors in the log, and 
> then some time later (in this case, 2 weeks), trying to stop them 
> generates a nonexistent .pid error.  The subsequent start attempt 
> generates the 'Address already in use' message, which forces us to log 
> in and actually kill the processes before we can start up again.
> Processes without .pids don't seem to be using more or less memory 
> than usual.
> We are stopping and starting the mongrels with the following bash script:
> mongrel_rails cluster::start -C $MONGREL_CONF
> mongrel_rails cluster::stop -C $MONGREL_CONF
> Mongrel version is 1.0.1 (as described above), and MySQL gem is 2.7.
> Has anyone seen a similar issue, and if so did you figure out the root 
> cause?  I'm a bit at a loss with the mongrel logs not giving any 
> information nor the system giving any inidication that it deleted the 
> .pid files.  Any help is greatly appreciated.
> -Chris.
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