[Mongrel] Mongrel as Windows service with normal privileges

Ingmar Stieger ml at stiegerhs.de
Tue Sep 2 11:49:29 EDT 2008

On Jun 24, 2008 at 11:22 PM, Luis Lavena wrote:

> So, at the end, the ServiceHost automatic stuff didn't do the trick,
> which is a pain. I wrote that code to be more intelligent, but I think
> Windows beat me, again :-P
> Can you provide me your patch for ServiceFB library in google code?:
> http://code.google.com/p/mmediasys-labs/

Sorry, I almost forgot about this.

I do not have a patch, really. I simpy commented out the call to 
_process_name_dyn_psapi and always set RunAsService (instead of RunAsUnknown):

     '# RunMode() provide a simple way to get (*you*) from where this process 
was started
     '# and do the corresponding action.
     function ServiceController.RunMode() as ServiceRunMode
         dim result as ServiceRunMode
         dim currPID as DWORD
         dim parent_pid as uinteger
         dim parent_name as string
         dim start_mode as string


         '# get this process PID
         currPID = GetCurrentProcessId()
         _dprint("CurrentPID: " + str(currPID))

         '# get the parent PID
         parent_pid = _parent_pid(currPID)
         _dprint("ParentPID: " + str(parent_pid))

         '# now the the name
         parent_name = _process_name(parent_pid)
         '##if (parent_name = "<unknown>") then
         '##  parent_name = _process_name_dyn_psapi(parent_pid)
         '##end if
         _dprint("Parent Name: " + parent_name)

         '# this process started as service?
         '# that means his parent is services.exe
         if (parent_name = "services.exe") then
             result = RunAsService
             '# ok, it didn't start as service, analyze command line then
             start_mode = lcase(trim(command(1)))
             if (start_mode = "manage") then
                 '# start ServiceController.Manage()
                 result = RunAsManager
             elseif (start_mode = "console") then
                 '# start ServiceController.Console()
                 result = RunAsConsole
                 '# ok, the first paramenter in the commandline didn't work,
                 '# report back so we could send the banner!
                 '## (ing) Run service anyway:
                 '## result = RunAsUnknown
                 result = RunAsService
             end if
         end if

         _dprint("ServiceController.RunMode() done")
         return result
     end function

> Just create a new issue and attach / paste your patch, I'll really
> appreciate get rid of this thing that, at the end, didn't provide
> anything but just bring pain to us (sniff) :-P

I do not know if this solves more problems than it opens up. Calling 
mongrel_service.exe with no command line parameters just does nothing with the 
version I posted above - which is ok for me and works fine. I am not sure if 
this is an acceptable solution for everybody else, though ...


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