[Mongrel] mongrel_rails cluster::restart task via capistrano mongrel_cluster/recipes problem.

stjohn goldfinger stjohn at kid-safe.co.uk
Wed May 28 15:50:28 EDT 2008

Hi Guys,
I hope its ok to post to this list. I have a rails on ubuntu deployment stack 
which consists of:

locally: cap 2.3.0 and all latest deps
server side: apache 2.3, mongrel_cluster, mod_proxy and git on the
same host.

I am connecting to my remote host via ssh with agent and pass phrase. All is 
good until my first mongrel task, deploy:restart task. I have included the 
mongrel_cluster/recipes via: require 'mongrel_cluster/recipes' inside of my 
deploy.rb. For some reason when the cap deploy hits the 'deploy:restart' task 
which is the first mongrel task I am prompted for a password and the task 
fails. I am not sure why. My :user and :runner are both members of the sudoers 
on the server. I have put my deploy.rb here:


I think it must be some sort of permissions problem. I have mongrel set up as 
user 'mongrel' and a member of the 'www-data' group. I am deploying as the 
deployment user who is a member of the 'www-data' group and sudoers. If I 
login to the server as the deployment user and execute the mongrel_rails 
cluster::restart command by hand it works fine. Any help or pointers would be 
greatly appreciated.

many thanks,
St.john Goldfinger
Managing Director
KidSafe Software LTD

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