[Mongrel] mongrel_rails cluster::stop not working

Sankar Ganesh lists at ruby-forum.com
Thu Jun 12 10:58:28 EDT 2008


am a newbie to mongrel. am using mongrel cluster in my ruby application.

When i start mongrel cluster it is working fine and when i stop it it
says already stopped port 8000.

it is giving the error as  follows

********* simple selection *********  ********* selection by list
-A all processes                      -C by command name
-N negate selection                   -G by real group ID (supports
-a all w/ tty except session leaders  -U by real user ID (supports
-d all except session leaders         -g by session leader OR by group
-e all processes                      -p by process ID
T  all processes on this terminal     -s processes in the sessions given
a  all w/ tty, including other users  -t by tty
g  all, even group leaders!           -u by effective user ID (supports
r  only running processes             U  processes for specified users
x  processes w/o controlling ttys     t  by tty
*********** output format **********  *********** long options
-o,o user-defined  -f full            --Group --User --pid --cols
-j,j job control   s  signal          --group --user --sid --rows
-O,O preloaded -o  v  virtual memory  --cumulative --format --deselect
-l,l long          u  user-oriented   --sort --tty --forest --version
                   X  registers       --heading --no-heading
                    ********* misc options *********
-V,V show version       L  list format codes  f  ASCII art forest
-m,m show threads       S  children in sum    -y change -l format
-n,N set namelist file  c  true command name  n  numeric WCHAN,UID
-w,w wide output        e  show environment   -H process heirarchy
already stopped port 8001

it is not taking the process ids from the pid file.

Please help me to solve this problem
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