[Mongrel] Error: Mongrel timed out this thread: too many open files

Nicolas Escobar lists at ruby-forum.com
Tue Jun 3 10:17:24 EDT 2008

Tikhon Bernstam wrote:

>  I've think I've seen the problem you've described when using 
> acts_as_ferret
> + ferret DRb server 

I have exactly the same problem.

Initially I was running acts_as_ferret with a DRb server in a 
mongrel_cluster and it was working ok. Then, I changed a field in a 
table and restarted the mongrel_cluster. It was then when it stopped 
working (same error as posted). I used the backup version and dropped 
the field that I created but the same happens.

In 'development' enviroment with a single instance of mongrel it works 
though, using acts_as_ferret and DRb server.
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