[Mongrel] deleting pid files on ubuntu restart due to power down

Rafael G. rgo at aspgems.com
Wed Jul 2 10:42:14 EDT 2008

New mongrel's versions has the parameter "--clean". It do the work :)

Jags Rao escribió:
> hi guys
> we are running a ubuntu machine as our demo server for serving Ruby on
> rails apps
> we are using mysql,nginx,mongrel for serving the sites.
> the problem is if for any reason the power fails out and comes back
> mysql and nginx get started fine but mongrel does not work due to
> some pid(mongrel.8000.pid  mongrel.8001.pid  mongrel.8002.pid) files
> existing in log folder.
> we then manually delete the files and start the cluster.
> is there anyway we can check during reboot of ubuntu server for any
> existing pid
> files in log folder and delete them and then start the mongrel cluster.
> thanks
> jags

Rafael Garcia Ortega

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