[Mongrel] problems with Mongrel + Pound

mohammed.a at aol.in mohammed.a at aol.in
Tue Feb 26 03:25:46 EST 2008


I have been using mongrel + Pound for the past 6 months on a single server deployment.

Recently mongrel has started to behave very weirdly after we?moved app to a bunch of servers from a single server deployment.

- It crashes on every exception, throws 500 and throws 500 for ALL instances of the cluster? after one exception has occurred
- Connectivity to SQL seems to take a rather long time (the db is a different server on the same network, servers are connected through a gigaport switch)
- Images deliveries have slowed down since we migrated from single server to multi server deployment (still using pound, not yet moved to apache / nginx)
- The application architecture uses lot of background processes?- built using?DRB which again are deployed physically on different dedicated machines to distribute load
- ?Mongrel doesn't always log the error 500 within its logs (mongrel may not be getting these requests).
-? Other mongrel instances in the same cluster do not respond even if one mongrel has crashed or has encountered an exception.

Here is some basic info of the deployment

3 web servers - Dualcore Dell servers with Xeon 2.0 ghz processor running Cent OS 5
4 GB Ram Each
1 seperate components server - for threaded Drbs, same config as above
1 seperate database server (not yet clustered, same config as above)

I would appreciate if anyone can analyze the issues and provide me a solution as it is becoming frustrating to have too much down time in the application


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