[Mongrel] Transfer-Encoding: Chunked

Eden Li eden at mojiti.com
Tue Feb 19 22:03:55 EST 2008

Zachary, mind posting some of the code you're using in J2ME?  I've got  
no dog in this fight.

On Feb 20, 2008, at 12:55 PM, Zed A. Shaw wrote:

> On Tue, 19 Feb 2008 08:36:43 +0800
> Eden Li <eden at mojiti.com> wrote:
>> Mind posting a patch?
>> As an aside, the j2me people seem to think CE requests are part the
>> http 1.1 spec (rfc2616):
>>   http://developers.sun.com/mobility/midp/questions/chunking/
>> and the minimal justification they give is that "interactive
>> applications may not know ahead of time how much data they're going  
>> to
>> send" (paraphrase).
> Alright, let's see the code being used.  If this is truly the only way
> to submit a request from a memory constrained device, and I can't find
> an alternative that's simpler then I'll add CE to the Mongrel handler.
> CE is already in the RFuzz handler so it'd be nothing more than  
> putting
> the same code in the Mongrel parser.  Of course this will just be an
> exercise and I'll let the mongrel crew decide if they want it in or  
> not.
> And when I say "see the code" I don't mean a toy version, I mean the
> actual code being used to do the upload that I can work with and test.
> Doesn't have to be the full app, but enough for me to run in a MIDP
> emulator and try out.
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