[Mongrel] one mongrel request seems to block cluster

gui weinmann gui at alphabetware.com
Thu Feb 14 13:23:28 EST 2008


That sounds similar to a problem I experienced last week. I'm running
apache with mongrel on a windows machine.

It's not a definitive solution, and I am new to apache/mongrel, but
with that important caveat out of the way I can say that I found
playing with the TTL and timeout parameters in apache.conf had a
positive effect.

The downside is that some long-running queries may get a proxy timeout
message from Apache. Since I'm using caching, this is not a serious
problem - the next request for the same data usually succeeds.

<Proxy balancer://mongrel_cluster>
	BalancerMember http://someip max=5 timeout=55 ttl=90 acquire=60

I also assigned a value to ProxyTimeout in the Virtualhost section of
apache.conf. Comments are from the Apache documentation.

<VirtualHost someip:port>
#This is useful when you have a slow/buggy appserver which hangs, and
you would rather just return a timeout and fail gracefully instead of
waiting however long it takes the server to return.
ProxyTimeout 90

Good luck,

G u i  W e i n m a n n

On 2/14/08, Erik Hetzner <erik.hetzner at ucop.edu> wrote:
> At Thu, 14 Feb 2008 09:46:12 -0600,
> "Michael Engelhart" <mike.engelhart at gmail.com> wrote:
>  >
>  > Hello -
>  >
>  > I'm new to setting up a mongrel cluster and ran into a question while doing
>  > some simple performance testing.
>  >
>  > I'm using Apache 2.2 as a proxy/load balancer to multiple mongrel instances
>  > (for this test on the same box - a small EC2 compute unit).    I setup the
>  > cluster with 5 mongrel instances.
>  >
> > […]
>  In your apache.conf, add the max & (maybe) acquire settings to each
>  balancer member.
>  <Proxy balancer://mongrel_cluster>
>   BalancerMember max=1 acquire=1
>   […]
>  </Proxy>
>  See:
>  <http://rubyforge.org/pipermail/mongrel-users/2007-October/004145.html>
>  best,
> Erik Hetzner
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