[Mongrel] Init.d script for Mongrel?

Paolo Campegiani paolo.campegiani at gmail.com
Fri Feb 8 11:40:41 EST 2008

> Yes, nice, It does not allow to have different administrators for different
> domains contained into their own environments though.

It could do if you have /etc/mongrel accessible by the other
administrators (i.e.: chmod ugo+x /etc/mongrel chmod u+s /etc/mongrel,
so it works a la /tmp way). Otherwise you could change the script so
instead of looking in /etc/mongrel it will looks in $HOME/mongrel o
whatever, for the values of $HOME you prefer.

> I prefer to use apache
> as a front end for virtual hosting and using mongrel as an internal relay.
> I'll try a mixed version.

This is exactly what we do in production, the script only activates
the mongrel servers, Apache (in a reverse proxy configuration, plus
different users for each application to maximize security) is handled
by another script.

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