[Mongrel] linking app?

Philippe Laliberte arsphl at davidbowie.com
Fri Feb 8 09:42:41 EST 2008

Vapor .. wrote:
> Vapor .. wrote:
>> I have deployed an app on Windows XP with Apache and Mongrel. I can
>> access my app with http://machinename. This is more of a Apache
>> question: how can I make it like http://machinename/myapp ?
>> Thanks in advance.
> well actually I have one php app and other rails app that I want to host 
> on single windows machine...rails seems to override the other app.
There are a couple of ways to do this.

1- You use an internal proxypass to route only /myapp to mongrel (first 
exclude everything then pass /myapp to mongrel)
2- you use aliases and no mongrel
3- you use different ports for each type off application and with a 
permanent redirect you redirect /myapp
4- You use multiple domain or subdomain names myapp.machinename and 

Have a read of virtual hosting aspects in apache and mongrel. That is 
where you will find what you need.


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