[Mongrel] 100% CPU use

Roger Pack lists at ruby-forum.com
Mon Feb 4 14:38:13 EST 2008

> I needed to restart my mongrel cluster today (updated a Rails
> controller). And my mongrels didn't really come back up. They bind the
> port but don't respond to any requests. I can't find any log file that
> has useful information. These were running fine until I tried the
> restart. And I have not changed any software versions in a month. (And
> yes, I tried rolling back the controller change.)

I had this problem on os x recently--if mongrel has been running 
'awhile' (i.e. answered a few requests), then i hit ctrl-c on it, it 
uses 100% cpu and never terminates.  Very odd.  Might be a ruby bug. 
Any thoughts?
(this with mysql, leopard, mongrel 1.1.3).
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