[Mongrel] Cant access ROR site externally using mongrel on shared host

Tam Kbe lists at ruby-forum.com
Fri Aug 15 17:18:45 EDT 2008


I have been trying to deploy my Ruby on Rails site using Mongrel on
Shared host. Mongrel seems to start fine using the command below:

cd /home/linkamed/public_html/mysite

mongrel_rails start  -p 12003 -l
/home/linkamed/public_html/mysite/log/mongrel.log -c
/home/linkamed/public_html/mysite/ -e production -d

and If I type something like this on the server:

curl http://localhost:12003/users

I get an HTML code output that resembles what should be displayed which
means that Mongrel is working fine.

I just couldn't figure out how to access it externally!!

I tried www.mysite.com:12003/users - www.mysite.com/12003/users -

Is there a rule or configuration I have to do for this to work?

Thanks in Advance,

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