[Mongrel] Why Mongrel with NginX

John Hancock lists at ruby-forum.com
Sun Aug 10 19:15:19 EDT 2008

> Mongrel has worked better for many of us - not because of the protocol
> difference - because it handles requests better. Ruby-FastCGI is also
> a web server and has request handling logic - it just speaks FastCGI
> instead of HTTP.

The easier and useful answers are never given on documentation, thanks 
I'm just dropping Apache because it's not memory efficient and these 
days with my question I've searching all about mongrel.
There is a new branch of the Ruby language called "Ruby Enterprise 
Edition" that seems to use enough memory to fit in my VPS. The problem 
is the server it uses, Apache. For me there is not value to reduce the 
memory usage of ruby when it is done into a platform that is not memory 
efficient. Is there an adaptation of mongrel to use ruby enterprise?

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