[Mongrel] Why Mongrel with NginX

John Hancock lists at ruby-forum.com
Fri Aug 8 15:41:38 EDT 2008

> It varies tremendously with the kind of applications you develope. I
> will assume that, as is the case with most new Ruby webapps, you are
> developing Rails. In my server, each Mongrel instance takes typically
> between 20 and 50 MB RAM, for smallish applications.

In this scenario, I'll wait to get an other VPS because 2 mongrel 
instances are taking more ram than the rest of the server. In the event 
of high load my VPS will start killing any process because doesn't have 
swap space.

What specs you would request for a ruby server (maybe just mongrel 
cluster and mysql listening to the prior VPS)

> With Mongrel, you can launch each instance as a different user -
> The webserver just opens a socket to talk with Mongrel, but each
> Mongrel can be owned by a different user, and get the user's set of
> permissions.

So, a shared server is not the best approach for ruby (or getting the 
same problems of PHP). Having 100 accounts with the corresponding 
instance would be problematic.

Thank you
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