[Mongrel] Problem with daemonize

mcr at simtone.net mcr at simtone.net
Wed Aug 6 09:21:39 EDT 2008

>>>>> "Josh" == Josh Moore <lists at ruby-forum.com> writes:
    >> When daemonized, does it run as you, or as another user?
    Josh> The deamonized process runs as me.

    >> When it hangs, do you see "svn" processes waiting in the ps listing?
    Josh> There is no svn process in the ps listing ("ps afx | grep svn")

    >> Do you get errors from the popen calls that you are doing?
    Josh> It actually hangs on the call and I do not get any output.

  I would run "strace -f -p XXXX" on the mongrel process(es), and try
things.  I would suspect either that the exec part of the popen() fails
due to $PATH issues.  Since there is no "svn" process around, then it
should not be an issue with the underlying ssh that might be invoked.
  You might also replace the call to svn with echo/cat/env.

  instead of:
	foo = IO.popen("svn stuff", "r")

	foo = IO.popen("sh -c 'env >/tmp/env$$; cat /tmp/canned-svn-reply'", "r")

  and if that helps diag things.

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