[Mongrel] Problem with daemonize

Josh Moore lists at ruby-forum.com
Tue Aug 5 21:52:43 EDT 2008


I am new to working with mongrel (and rails in general) and I am
experiencing a problem with mongrel.  I have a rails application that
for one view parses some information from our SVN server.  I have to
call the SVN several times to get all the information I need and it
takes about 30 sec. to complete the request (This is ok because it is an
internal app).  The problem is that this only works when I run mongrel
non daemonized.  If I deamonize the process the rest of my rails site
works fine.  But, this page hangs when I try to load it.  I have looked
through the mongrel.log, error.log, and development.log (still using the
development environment) and I cannot find any errors.  The web browser
(firefox 3) just sits there and acts like it loads the page but nothing
happens.  Does anybody know what might be the problem?  It seams weird
to me that it works when non deamonized but does not work when mongrel
is run as a deamon.

Thanks for any ideas.

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