[Mongrel] Offloading Background Tasks

Cynthia Kiser cnk at caltech.edu
Thu Apr 24 00:48:38 EDT 2008

Quoting Supriya Agarwal <lists at ruby-forum.com>:
> after that i tried  to run #ruby script/backgroundrb start
>  and it gave me load error :bdrb_config.rb not found! I tried copying it 
> to some directory and then ultimately it popped up another error :
> fork function is umimplemented on this machine!
> I have also installed the required gems :packets and chronic..

This isn't really the right list for this but... 

"fork function is umimplemented on this machine!" 

Are you running on Windows? I think the error above indicates that
your OS fundamentally can't do what backgroundRb tries to do. See
Wikipedia for more info on forking
Cynthia Kiser

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