[Mongrel] Mongrel hangs, consumes all CPU on shutdown

Bob Hutchison hutch at recursive.ca
Thu Sep 13 08:32:10 EDT 2007


I have exactly the same problem. I'm using OS X 10.4.10, ruby 1.8.5,  
mongrel 1.0.

This has been getting *much* worse recently, it used to be  
occasional, now it seems to be pretty much every time. Maybe co- 
incident with the 10.4.10 update, maybe after.

It does not happen with Merb.

It does not happen with Rails in production mode, only development mode.

It takes a while before it happens, I don't know how long, but we're  
talking about minutes not hours.

I do not use a DB at all, if Rails tries to do something with a DB,  
and it might, it'll be with sqllite.

I have no other information beyond that.


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