[Mongrel] Mongrel hangs, consumes all CPU on shutdown

Nathan Vack njvack at wisc.edu
Wed Sep 12 18:30:59 EDT 2007

On Sep 12, 2007, at 4:57 PM, Luis Lavena wrote:

> What db engine/adapter are you using? Maybe mongrel is trying to close
> pending connections left in the limbo (from HTTP serving or db
> connections).

I'm using the compiled mysql gem 2.7, connecting to localhost over  
TCP. Web-side, I'm using mod_proxy and mod_rewrite -- yeah, I'm  
proxying on my development box.

I don't think it's waiting to close HTTP connections, as the service  
never becomes unresponsive, and I'm only running one mongrel. Perhaps  
the database disconnect call sometimes thrashes?

FWIW, I'm on an Intel (Core 2 Duo) mac. It only eats CPU on one core.  
Mysql version is 5.0.21 -- the precompiled one from mysql.org.

And... I doubt *anyone* is connecting to a mysql server over http ;-)


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