[Mongrel] Mongrel hangs, consumes all CPU on shutdown

Nathan Vack njvack at wisc.edu
Wed Sep 12 17:47:07 EDT 2007


I'm doing development with Mongrel 1.0.1 on Ruby 1.8.4 / OS X  
10.4.10, and I've found that often when I shut down my server with  
^C, it hangs for a while, gobbling up all CPU. Sometimes it stops  
after a few seconds, sometimes it's run for several minutes at least.  
This happens across all the apps I develop on, but it seems to hang  
longer after they've been heavily used for many hours / days.

It's not a very big deal -- I just kill -9 it... but has anyone else  
seen this? And suggestions as to how I can avoid it?


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