[Mongrel] mongrel_rails service on windows incompatible with recent ruby builds?

Ralf Vitasek neongrau at gmail.com
Tue Sep 11 04:39:20 EDT 2007

hello luis!

thank you very much for your reply.

>/ From mongrel_service.log, could you try running this command line?
/> ruby.exe c:\ruby\bin\mongrel_rails start -e development -p 3000 -a
> -l log/mongrel.log -P log/mongrel.pid -c c:/informer_rails -t
> 0 -r public -n 1024

as i said before starting via "mongrel_rails" works with every ruby version.
but i tested again to be correct. so YES this works!

> It seems it's trying to run ruby.exe from the PATH, maybe you don't
> have it in your environment variables?

ruby is in PATH, as i said before the problem is that ruby.exe starts
but just dies right away when started as a service with the latest patchlevel

> Latest version (0.3.2) properly uses C:\ruby\bin\ruby.exe as ruby executable.
> For get that fixes, you need to remove and reinstall the service.

as i said, already tried uninstalling and reinstalling everything before
(3 times already, please don't ask me to try again, i hardly doubt it'll change anything).

> Sorry the troubles, and please let us know if that help you :-)

no, thanks for trying to walk me through but sorry, that didn't really help :-(

let me summarize the problem again:

the service dies right away, without creating any logs in the rails log dir
when using the latest patchlevel ruby version with the win32ole fix 
( http://rubyforge.org/tracker/?func=detail&atid=1698&aid=7553&group_id=426 ).

running the app via "mongrel_rails start" works with EVERY version.
i just need to copy over the zipped ruby version into c:\ruby to see the problem
1.8.5p35 -> service works
copy 1.8.5p52 into c:\ruby -> doesnt work anymore
copy 1.8.5p35 back into c:\ruby -> works again
copy 1.8.6p36 into c:\ruby -> doesnt work anymore
copy 1.8.6 into c:\ruby -> work again

please try this ruby release:
(this is the latest version with the memory leak fixed)

or in case you're using 1.8.6

and for the record: these are the latest ruby versions that will get the services to run:

i hope this clears things more up.


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