[Mongrel] mongrel_rails service on windows incompatible with recent ruby builds?

Luis Lavena luislavena at gmail.com
Mon Sep 10 15:05:52 EDT 2007

On 9/10/07, Ralf Vitasek <neongrau at gmail.com> wrote:
> i was suffering from a massive memory leak in my application. after
> searching and testing for quite a while i finally found that it wasn't
> my app that had a leak but the win32ole support that was used by the
> ADO driver in sqlserver adapter.

Ralf, we need to clarify that win32-service, mongrel and even
mongrel_service are quite different stuff from quite different

> the solution to fix the leak was to install ruby 1.8.5p52 or 1.8.6p36
> but sadly as soon i install one of the fixed releases mongrel won't
> start as service anymore.
> the latest version i was able to run as a service is 1.8.5p35 but that
> doesn't have the leak fixed.
> "mongrel_rails start" will run the app in dev or production mode on
> the console without problems.
> when trying to start the service in mmc it fails with the message that
> the service was started and that it stopped right away.
> when running mongrel_service.exe with the "console" option:
> ###
> C:\informer_rails>"c:/ruby/bin/mongrel_service.exe" console -e development -p 30
> 00 -a -l "log/mongrel.log" -P "log/mongrel.pid" -c "c:/informer_rails" -
> t 0 -r "public" -n 1024
> Mongrel Win32 Service, version 0.3.1
> (c) 2006 The Mongrel development team.
> Starting service 'single' in console mode, please wait...
> Service is in running state.
> Press Ctrl-C to stop it.
> ###
> i see a ruby.exe for a second in the task manager that seems to die
> right away. no log files are created.
> i also wonder why it says "Mongrel Win32 Service, version 0.3.1"
> because i have 0.3.2 installed. i tried uninstalling and then
> reinstalling mongrel, mongrel_service and win32-service without any
> luck.

Version 0.3.1 was a error in the definition headers, my mistake.

> and the error doesn't seem to come from win32-service as i'm able to
> run an acts_as_ferret serving DRb without any problems with every ruby
> version.

For the record, the problem with win32-service was not able to serve
Rails application properly, for other ruby tasks, it works fine.

Also, mongrel_service only uses win32-service to install/remove the
service from the SCM, nothing else.

> please check the attached servicefb.log and mongrel_service.log
> as i can't see anything wrong in those logs.

>From mongrel_service.log, could you try running this command line?
ruby.exe c:\ruby\bin\mongrel_rails start -e development -p 3000 -a -l log/mongrel.log -P log/mongrel.pid -c c:/informer_rails -t
0 -r public -n 1024

It seems it's trying to run ruby.exe from the PATH, maybe you don't
have it in your environment variables?

Latest version (0.3.2) properly uses C:\ruby\bin\ruby.exe as ruby executable.

For get that fixes, you need to remove and reinstall the service.

Sorry the troubles, and please let us know if that help you :-)

Luis Lavena
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