[Mongrel] multi threaded theoretically useful?

Erik Hetzner erik.hetzner at ucop.edu
Mon Sep 10 14:25:47 EDT 2007

At Sat, 8 Sep 2007 16:49:58 -0700,
"Kirk Haines" <wyhaines at gmail.com> wrote:
> I have two points, here.  First, you can run a considerable number of
> ruby based sites on a single modest server like yours, and they can
> handle a rather impressive traffic load on a single process, depending
> on your framework.  And second, running the same code in an event
> based pipeline versus a multithreaded pipeline invariably gives me
> better peformance in my apps.

Hi Kirk,

Thanks so much for your information here. I’m going to have a closer
look at your event driven mongrel and see what kind of results I can
get out of it for my systems.

Erik Hetzner

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