[Mongrel] Fails to restart mongrel cluster after Capistrano rollback (PIDs not deleted)

Casper Fabricius casper at lol.dk
Fri Sep 7 03:30:23 EDT 2007


I am deploying a Rails website using Capistrano to a VPS running the  
site through Apache and Mongrel.

'cap deploy' works fine, and mongrels are restarted. When I execute  
'cap deploy:rollback', however, my script fails to restart the  
mongrels giving this error:
!!! PID file tmp/pids/mongrel.5000.pid already exists.  Mongrel could  
be running already.  Check your log/mongrel.5000.log for errors.

I have a hunch that the error is related to the fact that I link /tmp/ 
pids into the shared directory upon each release in the  
"after_update" task, but I'm not sure how I end up with this problem,  
as the old dir I'm rolling back also has the link setup. The mongrels  
are stopped, but for some reason they don't clean up their PID files,  
and thus they fail to start again.

The full output of the rollback looks like this:

My deploy.rb looks like this:

Any help on this issue would be appreciated - thanks!

Best regards,
Casper Fabricius

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