[Mongrel] Mongrel and Memory usage.

Benjamin Krause bk at benjaminkrause.com
Tue Sep 4 03:27:59 EDT 2007


> I am using mongrel for a long time... But just now I see a problem.  
> I am running 3 instances using mongrel_cluster and nginx as a  
> reverse proxy. When I start the cluster I have a memory usage of  
> 20MB per instance... In the end of the day this usage is something  
> about 230MB for each instance. It should be a memory leak?

This is most probably a memory leak, but not necessarily a mongrel  
related issue.

You should check your app with bleak_house[1] or any other memory  
profiling tool to see, where the leak comes from. I had the same  
problem and the leak was caused by ferret[2]. Some native extensions  
(like rmagick) might be the problem.


[1] http://blog.evanweaver.com/files/doc/fauna/bleak_house/files/ 
[2] http://blog.omdb-beta.org/2007/7/29/tracking-down-a-memory-leak- 

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