[Mongrel] random cpu spikes, EBADF errors

Will Green will at hotgazpacho.com
Mon Oct 29 19:55:40 EDT 2007

Evan, I hear you! I know you have the best interests of Mongrel in mind.

X-SendFile is just a header, right?  If so, yeah, it could be moved to core.

If we're talking the Ruby Sendfile, then I think that should NOT be in core. I recall many people 
having issues (i.e. it doesn't work) with that.

Regarding the closing of the socket without notice, is that something that Ruby does, or is it that 
a resource limit was reached, and this handle was chosen by the OS to be closed? If the form, a HTTP 
503 response is appropriate. If the latter, seems to me that another Mongrel should be employed in a 
cluster configuration, or the app code examined to see if it might be the source of the problem.

Will Green

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