[Mongrel] random cpu spikes, EBADF errors

Clifford Heath clifford.heath at gmail.com
Mon Oct 29 19:53:29 EDT 2007

Surely it's preferable to just delay the accept() until there's a  
thread to
assign it to? That way the client sees a slow connection-establishment
and can draw their own conclusions, including deciding how long to
wait or whether to retry.

Clifford Heath, Data Constellation.

> Evan Weaver wrote:
>> Perhaps you are exhausting the number of worker threads in the queue
>> available to mongrel (default 900ish I think). If your cached files
>> are very big, maybe they aren't being served quickly enough by the
>> DirHandler and your queue becomes clogged.
>> Should mongrel definitely send 503 after this state, or not? I think
>> there was some debate recently about the same issue and the  
>> resolution
>> was inconclusive.

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