[Mongrel] high cpu load

Danilo Castilho dncastilho at gmail.com
Mon Oct 29 00:32:13 EDT 2007


Yes, I monitor the cpu usage using ps aux, since my host doesn’t have "top".
My server runs on production mode and I am using ruby 1.8.6. Everything
started using 1.0.1 (mongrel) and the cpu usage improved a little bit when I
upgraded to 1.0.3.

But I think I´ve found the major problem. When I changed my mongrel_cluster
config file to include the fullpath for the pid and log files, the cpu usage
dropped to less than 1%. I don’t understand exactly why, because somehow
those files were generated before, using the relative path.

I will continue to monitor the cpu usage and let you guys know if this have
really solved my problem.


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On 10/28/07, Danilo Castilho <dncastilho at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> My mongrel server (1.0.3), with a very low usage, is taking more than 10%
> cpu usage all the time (no background tasks were defined by me). This is
> very annoying and it is preventing me from being able to thing about good
> cluster configuration. Any idea on why this is happening?


did you checked with ps that Mongrel is the service eating your CPU?

Also, what happens if you run plain mongrel_rails without daemonize or
cluster options?

is the rails application run on production or development mode?

Asking this because sometimes a lot of users (including myself) miss
it in the global picture.

Which patchlevel of ruby you're using?
Also, what is the result if you revert to 1.0.1 version?

Did this happens with a clean, empty rails application too?

We should try other options to see what could be creating the high CPU
use you're getting.

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