[Mongrel] --prefix, url_for and image_tag

Geoff Coffey gwcoffey at gmail.com
Thu Oct 25 22:48:39 EDT 2007

First time here, so I hope this isn't a FAQ (although I did check  
*the* faq).

I'm using mongrel_cluster with --prefix, and it is very slick. Thanks  
for that. But I had one problem. At one point in my little app, I  
have something like this:

    image_tag(url_for(:action => 'picture', :id => 1), :size =>  

In this scenario, the modified prefix behavior causes the prefix to  
be added twice. I get this output:


I may be doing this wrong. It does work properly without --prefix in  
the mix, and i can see how both these methods might add the prefix,  
causing this problem. Is this a bug? Known problem? Limitation of -- 
prefix? Or just a confused poster?



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