[Mongrel] Patch for X-SendFile on Windows

Clifford Heath clifford.heath at gmail.com
Wed Oct 24 23:03:30 EDT 2007

A new TRAC entry with patch has been added (initially for Camping)
to allow X-SendFile on Windows to use DirHandler to send files on
drives other than the current drive, if the DirHandler base path is "/"
(which is the way Camping uses DirHandler).

As it was, "/" gets expanded to "C:/", and then you can't serve files
on any other drive, which I needed to do recently. And, in fact, you
can't serve any files with absolute paths, because the C:/ gets
prepended to your path, giving C:/C:/path/to/my/file... broken :-).

It's about four lines of changed code - see the TRAC entry for the

Clifford Heath, Data Constellation.

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