[Mongrel] Shared listening sockets

Robert Mela rob at robmela.com
Wed Oct 24 12:00:11 EDT 2007

Steve Midgley wrote:
> Hi,
> I thought I'd chime in as a Windows developer. I'm running Windows in 
> development mode and deploying to Linux (Ezra's rig at EngineYard 
> actually).
> If this idea actually works, it's super appealing for me as a simple 
> solution to the "slow returning mongrel" load balancing challenge. 
> (i.e. the problems where mongrels are loaded up with requests 
> irrespective of their availability, leaving some mongrels idle and some 
> overloaded.)
If you are using mod_proxy_balancer then I'm fairly sure that "the slow 
returning mongrel" challenge has been solved using "max" and "acquire" 
parameters to BalancerMember.

It's working for me, and I tested using a pool of Nitro servers using 
controller method that sleeps.    I was hoping that Rafael G. would 
report back with his results on this with is issue ( though with "conn 
refused" I think his issue may be a little different ).

Here's the product of my devinations and experiments:

<Proxy balancer://myserverpool> # no trailing slash
   BalancerMember keepalive=on max=1 lbset=0 acquire=1 timeout=1
   BalancerMember keepalive=on max=1 lbset=1 acquire=1 timeout=1
   BalancerMember keepalive=on max=1 lbset=0 acquire=1 timeout=1

> If I understand what's being discussed (not a given) the system Robert 
> is proposing would mean that a mongrel would only get requests from 
> port 80 when it was ready to call "receive()" again from the IP stack. 
> So mongrels would consume what they can off a common stack.
Yes.  Minor nit -- each process is in an accept() loop.   Accept a 
connection, process the request (it's in processing that the read 
occurs).  After processing and then closing the socket to the client, 
enter accept() to wait for another request.

> This would mean that I don't have to balance all my Rails processes to 
> keep them returning results at roughly equal intervals. If my servers 
> are heavily loaded now, it seems like a slow returning mongrel can 
> cause havoc even if it's just slow by a couple of seconds..
Servers within the pool would auto-balance.  You'd still have to balance 
across pools if they're running on multiple hosts.   But even so, yes, 
this is an improvement.

Swiftiply as I understand it also addresses the Mongrel/Rails request 
queuing problem -- I haven't researched it yet.  The max/acquire 
settings are working for us, and I experimented with a sleeping 
controller method to verify that it works.

> So given the mongrels a common pool of requests to consume from and 
> using such a low level pool such as an IP port seems great, and I'd 
> vote for it. The fact that my development box doesn't run against the 
> same code is totally ok.
Is there a cheap or demo version of Visual Studio I could try this on?   
I've got XP Home Edition running under VMWare, and could code a simple 
test to see if this works there.   While I'm at it, I could verify that 
this works on Mac OSX as well..
> I'm sure Windows people who run in production will have other opinions 
> but this idea, if it's practical, seems very elegant and useful. +1
> Steve
It may be a horrendous hack for reasons I'm unaware of.   But it worked, 
and in a pretty demanding scenario, essentially unchanged for eight 
years and counting ( ZDNet, then CNET ad servers ) so I didn't research 
it too deeply.       I looked for problems like immediate error returns 
from accept(), deadlocks, delays with growing queues of accept() 
callers, but didn't find any.   I keep meaning to read through Linux' 
TCP/IP stack to find out why it was so.  Maybe there's a non-standard 
quirk in there that makes it all just dumb luck... darn... now I need to 
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