[Mongrel] Load testing methodologies/tools

Robert Mela rob at robmela.com
Wed Oct 17 01:10:23 EDT 2007

Is this the thread you're remembering -- looks like it might be:



Steve Midgley wrote:
> I tried a bunch of tools and ended up using Jakarta J-Meter b/c it 
> works cross-platform (Unix/Windows in my situation) and has a gui 
> which shallows the learning curve. I've been quite satisfied with it..
> Search the archives on this list and you should be able to find some 
> great info Zed and others wrote a while back on How to Load Test 
> Correctly. I found that series of posts to be pretty helpful in 
> testing Mongrel/Rails. IIRC, about this was about 10 months ago.
> Best,
> Steve

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