[Mongrel] Design flaw? - num_processors, accept/close

Robert Mela rob at robmela.com
Tue Oct 16 08:18:08 EDT 2007

What settings did you use in m_p_b?

The trick to making it work was "acquire", "max", and probably "timeout".

Brian Williams wrote:
> We recently ran into exactly this issue.  Some rails requests were 
> making external requests that were taking 5 minutes (networking issues 
> out of our control).  If your request got queued behind one of these 
> stuck mongrels, the experience was terrible.  I experimented with 
> adjusting the mod_proxy_balance settings to try to get it to fail over 
> to the next mongrel (I had hoped that the min,max,smax could all be 
> set to one, and force only one connection to a mongrel at a time) but 
> this didn't seem to work.
> Solution - I stuck lighttpd in between.  Lighttp has a proxying 
> algorithm that does exactly this - round robin but to worker with 
> lightest load.
> I'd love to hear that there's a way to use mod_proxy_balancer, but I 
> couldn't get to work.
> --Brian

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