[Mongrel] mongrel_rails not starting

Greg Willits lists at ruby-forum.com
Thu Oct 11 20:40:40 EDT 2007

Luis Lavena wrote:
> There is also Locomotive [1] which provides a simpler way to configure
> mongrels for your applications. It differs from Ruby OSX is that is
> tailored for Rails (and rubyosx is more ruby generic).

My thought was maybe that would isolate me too much from what's going 
on. After I get my feet wet a little bit with just getting some stuff 
running and working in Rails, I'll probably go back and uninstall 
everything and try it by hand.

Wandering off into another (related) topic...

Right now I'm trying to figure out how to get multiple apps running on 
mongrels with dev URLs

I'm used to using www.XYZ.dev and www.ABC.dev in my browser, and then 
using NetInfo machines or even hosts to map those to

I thought  www.abc.dev would work but it didn't.

I understand that I'll have to run multiple mongrels on unique ports, 
but haven't figured out how to map a URL to the localhost:port yet

-- gw

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