[Mongrel] Mongrel using way more memory on production thanstaging. Any ideas why?

Dave Cheney dave at cheney.net
Tue Oct 2 06:06:36 EDT 2007

>> The staging server (also split with Xen) is set up pretty much
>> identically
>> On the production box, pretty much immediately (and I'm talking about
>> within one or two requests), the mongrels climb up to about 150-160MB.
>> One the staging server, even when I'm hammering it with a benchmarking
>> suite (have tried with httperf, and bench and crawl) the mongrels sit
>> comfortably at about 60MB each.

Your issue may be related to the amount of data in your production
database. In our codebase we're constantly be hit by AR calls that bring
the whole table into memory, then filter out the bits they don't want rails

In development we don't notice the bloat or delay but under a production
dataset the effect was pronounced.



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