[Mongrel] Mongrel using way more memory on production than staging. Any ideas why?

Johan Sørensen johan at johansorensen.com
Tue Oct 2 05:27:20 EDT 2007

On Oct 2, 2007, at 11:08 AM, Chris T wrote:

> The staging server (also split with Xen) is set up pretty much
> identically
> On the production box, pretty much immediately (and I'm talking about
> within one or two requests), the mongrels climb up to about 150-160MB.
> One the staging server, even when I'm hammering it with a benchmarking
> suite (have tried with httperf, and bench and crawl) the mongrels sit
> comfortably at about 60MB each.

Same box, hardware+kernel wise (32 vs 64 bit)? Libraries built the  
same way?


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