[Mongrel] 100% CPU use

Cynthia Kiser cnk at caltech.edu
Fri Nov 30 13:13:02 EST 2007

I hate mailing list threads that post a problem but not the solution,
so I thought I would write back to say that the issue appears to have
been some strangness with the Oracle libraries. Looking at our
snapshotted volume, the libraries had not changed since installing
about 2 months ago. However, for reasons that are still unclear, any
attempt to connect to Oracle from that box looked at the sqlnet.ora
file and then went into a strange polling state that consumed all
available CPU. After getting some hint of this from stracing the hung
mongrel process, we were able to reproduce the same problem using just
sqlplus. So this was NOT a mongrel nor a rails issue. Perhaps even
more mystriously, rebooting the server (a Xen VM running RHEL 5) fixed
the problem. Thanks to the folks here and on the mongrel IRC room for
all their suggestions on how to track this down. 

Cynthia Kiser

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