[Mongrel] help! problem with mongrel, request.remote_ip and lighttpd

Wayne E. Seguin wayneeseguin at gmail.com
Wed Nov 28 00:35:04 EST 2007

On Nov 23, 2007 5:22 PM, Rajiv Sankranti <rajiv at fleeteyes.com> wrote:

> I have an existing rails application on lighttpd and I am trrying to
> upgrade
> to mongrel for the enhanced scalability it offers.
> I am running mongrel 1.1.1, rails 1.2.5, lighttpd 1.4.13 and ruby 1.8.5
> Everything is working great except request.remote_ip returns or
> (the internal network address of the server running lighty).
> I've seen some older posts about this problem and it appears lighttpd is
> the
> culprit. Will pound solve this problem?
> Is there a way to get this working with lighttpd or do I need to use
> another
> webserver?
> Please help!
> Thanks,
> Raj.


Lighttpd would be the culprit on that yes, I don't use it personally so ....

anyone else know how to pass the domain through when using lighttpd?

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