[Mongrel] Gentoo warning

Csaba Okrona ochronus at gmail.com
Thu Nov 22 05:20:37 EST 2007


I've done some benchmarking on our new servers (being built now), AMD X2
5600, gentoo-hardened.

With the same CFLAGS (safe cflags: -march=k8 -O2) I've tested the following
1, emerge ruby rubygems, then gem install mongrel (or emerge mongrel, the
performance was similar)
2, download the same ruby version, untar, ./configure, make, make install,
download rubygems, install it, then gem install mongrel

the test script: a simple mongrel handler which writes "hello world" in its
"process" method
the benchmarking suite: ab2 -n 10000 -c 10 http://localhost:800/test

for the pure gentoo branch I got at max. 700 req/s
for the 2nd test case it's around 2400 req/s

Having the same CFLAGS for both builds, the only thing I can think of is
that some gentoo patches
are responsible for this.

Just for the record :)

With regards,
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